Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who's On My Campus

I am pleased to present to you the lovely Destiny.  As I was leaving my class on Tuesday, I spotted her leaving the food kiosk.  So, I basically had to risk my life running on rain slicked floors to catch her and snap her picture.  I love EVERYTHING about her look; especially the fact that she didn't let the bad weather keep her from looking fabulous.  Would you believe it was raining outside, mixed with lots of wind and clouds??  And what's even better is that she was such a sweetheart!! So, she has great style and personality.  And that's always in season.


  1. Too cute!! I love the mustard yellow and gray pairing. Also the scarf and bag are perfect accessories. Go Destiny! Good Pic(k) Ashley!

  2. I know right!!! She has awesome style; I knew I had to snap her pic when I saw her from the side view. Thanks for your comment!!