Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who's In My City?

Hello all!!! A lot has happened since the last time I posted on my blog.  I'm in the process of moving, I am now gainfully employed (yay!!!), and I am going to begin the proper steps to begin graduate school (pray for me, yall.)  But, between all of that, I have managed to do some window shopping.  There's ALWAYS time for window shopping :). 

Since I'm no longer in school (right now), I will have to rename my post from Who's On My Campus to Who's In My City.  I'd been toying with the idea of changing the name for some time now because whenever I would be out and about, I would always see  well dressed people.  And I would be dying to take their picture, but I didn't know what I would do with those pictures afterwards.  So, here's the first installment of Who's In My City?

The first person to grace the WIMC post was spotted last Sunday while my friends and I were in Target.  My friend Melonee spotted him because of his spiffy glasses and cute hat.  Once he came over and we all began talking, we learned more about his background.  And I must say he is much more than nice frames and a straw fedora. Edward Bogard is the founder of SoGiv, a non-profit organization that raises global awareness through apparel and footwear that uses their sale funds and donates it to worthy causes such as cancer, homelessness, HIV/AIDS awareness, cruelty against animals and many, many more.  Their slogan is "Every pair SOld, we GIVe...SoGIVe."  Now, is there anything more stylish than helping others? Of course, not.  Helping others NEVER goes out of style and it always fits.  Now, on to the pics!!!

Here is the stylishly handsome Edward himself donning a tee shirt with his organization's name on it.  His casually cool outfit is set off with stylish glasses and a straw fedora hat (very on trend right now.)

This is a picture of the bracelet he sells for SoGiv.  It complements his red sneakers and gives a finished look to his outfit.  

                                 These sneakers are also apart of his SoGiv clothing line. 

Please check out this You Tube video for more information on SoGiv and how you can help.  Or, visit their website at