Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's On My Campus

This handsome young man is Danny. I spotted him waiting for his next class, so I decided to snap his picture. I really like the way he mixed dressy and casual to create his look. His black driving moccasins add the perfect polish to take his outfit to the next level. He proves you don't have to wear saggy pants and sneakers just because you're a college student. And even though I told him to look natural and not pose, he looks like he's posing. Lol!!

All That Glitters IS Gold...and Silver...and Black

Hello all!! On one of my many window shopping trips ( I do a lot of that), I ran across a lot of glitter, sequins, and lots of other things that sparkle.  Everything from shoes, to sweaters, to blouses, to jackets.  Sequins and glitter are a hot trend right now.  But, haven't they always been? And with the holidays coming up, you can make a bold statement at those Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's parties (do people have Thanksgiving parties?) Anyway, here are some pictures of what I saw at TJ Maxx.  The most expensive item was only priced at $50; if you're on a budget, you can look stylish for the cheap.  AND they still have layaway!!!

Can I just say I.L.O.V.E. this jacket.  It can be worn with a fitted tank or tee and your favorite pair of jeans.  Or, you can dress it up with your little black dress or a nice pair of dress pants.  I hope it will still be there when I get some money, but I know it won't :(

Aren't these flats too cute??!! You can't go wrong with a comfy pair of flats.  Plus, they have lots of sequins AND a flower on top.  Nice!!!

This sequined tee is a cute edition to your wardrobe.  It's casual enough to wear with jeans or a skirt.  And it's dressy enough to wear with a blazer and slacks on the job.  

This little number looks better in person than it does in the picture.  Also, it's actually sheer in the back (which is also trending right now.)  This would look great with a woman's tuxedo or some skinny jeans and platform heels.

This pair of heels are fantastic!!! Can you say sparkles!!!  I would wear these with an understated dress or pencil skirt to let the shoes be the star of the show.  They definitely do not need to compete with anything else. 

These next two blouses are my favorites out of all the ones I saw.  I especially love the off white one; it really makes the gold sequins pop. And the price is right too :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feelin' Sassy

The weather here has really been like a roller coaster.  Last week, we had highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's.  But today the high was 80; I took advantage of the warmer weather and decided to wear one of my eShakti dresses.  Since it was cooler this morning, I wore my denim jacket from Old Navy with it.  Along with my leopard print flats, wooden bangle bracelet and earrings, and my green ring.  And since my shoes got slightly cut off in these pictures, I also included a picture of my shoes.  This outfit served its purpose:  it was comfy and cute at the same time.  Oh, by the way, please disregard my son's car in these pictures.  I didn't realize they were in there until after they had been taken.  Charge it to my head and not my heart. Lol!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Adventures in Window Shopping

This weekend, the little one and I spent our Saturday window shopping.  First, we took a trip to our local Salvation Army thrift store.  They had a really great selection of housewares and furniture.  But, as far as clothes were concerned (which is why we went in the first place), it was a total bust.  I really wish I could thrift like other ladies I read about in blogs.  Anyway, we left there and drifted to one of my favorite stores, DSW.  I couldn't leave without snapping a few pics of some cute shoes.

Aren't these just the cutest pair of booties??!! I can see these being worn with a sweater dress and some opaque tights.  These would carry you through fall and winter. 

I thought these were cute because of the metallic straps and the stacked wooden heel.  These would be awesome with a really cute short sundress.  They also came in another color, but I preferred this color combination better.

When I saw these heels, my mouth dropped to the floor.  I've gotten really attached to animal print shoes (can you tell?) These shoes also came in another color, but these were much cuter.  And that bow and peep toe....FABULOUS!!!

These heels are really cute, but they're my least favorite of the bunch. The color combination makes them sassy. And the platform helps with comfort.

O....M....G!!!! This one is tied as my favorite of the group.  Steve Madden really knows how to make a shoe that is sexy and makes your inner diva come alive.  This shoe is no exception.  DIVA!!!!!!!!

I really love wedge heeled booties.
These beauties would look fab with a motorcycle jacket and boyfriend jeans.  Or, pair them with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a long cardigan sweater.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Old School Fridays

Happy Friday Everyone!!! In celebration of the end of the work/school week, I want to show an old school hip-hop video.  This week's choice is Microphone Fiend by Eric B. and Rakim.  These two are one of the most influential duo's every to make hip-hop.  So watch, reminisce, and enjoy!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now, Usually I Don't Do This, But Um....

Now, usually I'm not a wear all black kind of person.  But, today was the exception.  Since the weather has made a slight change, I decided to do it to help keep warm.  It's been really nippy the past couple mornings, and from taking science classes through the years, black is supposed to attract heat (or something like that.)  I couldn't just wear all black and not have ANY color, so I decided to put on this fuchsia colored scarf.  I also put on a kelly green tank under the sweater, but you can't see it in this picture.  Today's outfit served its purpose:  it helped to keep me warm and it was comfortable enough to wear to class.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who's On My Campus

Today, I present to you the lovely Jasmine.  I spotted her on campus as I was waiting for my class.  I thought she looked very cute despite the chilly temperatures this morning.  I really love how she looks stylish yet comfortable.  Her outfit shows you don't have to be in sweats to look and feel comfy.  Her multi colored top really pops against her black blazer, legging and boots.   And her quilted chain handbag adds the perfect touch.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How Do You Feel About You?

Back during my high school days, I struggled with self-esteem issues. Whenever I would look in the mirror, all I would see is ugly. Even when people told me differently, I still believed I was ugly. I remember when I was a Senior and senior portrait day came around. I was the type of person that didn't want to have my picture taken. But in order to have a photo in the yearbook, I had to put my big girl panties on and take the pictures.

When the proofs finally came back, we had to pick which one was going to be in the yearbook. As I thumbed through my proof envelope I began to get teary eyed. Out of 10 pictures, I didn't think any of them were good enough for the yearbook. I found a flaw in every single one of them. My friend at the time looked at my photos and saw nothing wrong with them. "I'm so ugly" I said as one of my male classmates consoled me.

Attaining positive self-esteem has been a long road for me filled with lots of twists, turns and dead ends. I'm not where I should be, but I'm a long way from where I was in high school. Don't get me wrong, I have my "I feel fat" or "This doesn't fit right" days; we all do. But, in order for a person to feel good about themselves, that person has to believe they are beautiful and worthy of those good feelings. Back then, I didn't love myself. So, I didn't feel worthy of love or positive feelings. But now, shoot...I'm too hot to trot!!! Lol!! I'm just kidding. But seriously, you've got to love yourself and feel worthy of that love in order to change how you feel about yourself. Once you begin to do that, you will start to see positive things happening. You should try it for yourself!! Now, how do YOU feel about YOU???

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Favorite Shoes and Accessories

Hello all!! I have been wondering what I was going to do my first post on.  Since I'm new to the blogosphere, I didn't want to do anything too outrageous.  So, I decided to show you my favorite shoes and accessories.  I want to begin with my favorite shoes.

I purchased these shoes as a birthday present to myself. It took me forever to find a shoe I actually liked AND came in my size. Whenever I have money to purchase something, I can never find anything I like. But, when I'm broke, everything is cute, my size and on sale.

Shoes: Calvin Klein
Price: $124
Store: Dillards

I fell in love with these shoes at first sight. But, I didn't purchase them the day I tried them on. I thought about those shoes ALL. WEEKEND. That following Monday, I looked up the shoe boutique that carried the shoe in FaceBook and asked them if they still had my size. They still had my size, and held them for me until the end of the week.

Shoes: BCBGeneration
Cost: $89
Store: Peria

My Ma bought these shoes for my birthday (isn't she sweet!!) She, my sister and I were all in Dillards looking in she shoe department. I tried these on, along with a couple other pair, and she offered to buy them for me. Of course, I didn't turn down free shoes!!

Shoes: Steve Madden
Price: $69
Store: Dillards

I'm a sucker for a great pair of earrings. So, whenever I see some that are cute and priced reasonably, I can't pass them up. Many of my purchases came from online stores on So, If you've never been there, please take this opportunity to do so.

I ordered these earrings from a boutique from I don't remember the name of the store, but he had a lot of nice jewelery and t-shirts. He even sent me a $5 off coupon to use in his store. So, I ended up getting these earrings for less than regular price. Sadly, his store is not open at the present time.

These next two pairs are from an store called Beautiful Destruktion. This store has a wide variety of jewelery and other accessories. And the owner even enclosed a hand-written thank you note with my order. Now, how many companies have you ordered from that do that.

These pairs also came from an store called Art by Cleatress. The store has jewelery, paintings, and other sorts of goodies. I love these earrings, but I will say they're a little bit heavy. She has fast shipping, great customer service and also enclosed a hand-written thank you card with my order.

This two-finger ring I purchased earlier this year from one of my favorite stores, Target. I love this ring, but it doesn't seem to love me back. Even though it's stretchy, it wants to cut the circulation off in my fingers.

This ring I purchased from Africa in April.  This local festival showcases a different African country every year and has many vendors selling their wares.  These include jewelery, bath and body products, food, clothes, shoes and much more. It cost $5.

This clutch I purchased from my other favorite store, TJ Maxx 2 years ago.  I love this clutch because it can be worn 2 ways:  as an actual clutch under the arm, or as a handbag. 

Rounding out my favorite accessories is this handbag I've nicknamed Orange Crush. With a nickname like that, you already know the color attracted me to it. This bag can be carried on the shoulder or in the bend of your arm. I can't wait to wear it!!