Monday, December 11, 2017

OK Torrid, I See You!

On last week, I made an impromptu trip to my local Torrid.  Now, I haven't shopped in Torrid in a long time.  And, to be totally honest, I wasn't a fan.  Fast forward to 2017, Torrid has really redeemed themselves.  Their clothing has really evolved into something that every woman can wear.  From tee shirts to stylish shoes and jackets,  if you're in need of cool, unique pieces, Torrid will fit the bill.  Now you know I couldn't go and look without trying on a few pieces for you guys!

This dress was out of my comfort zone.  I don't wear body con anything at any time, but this dress made me reconsider.  This is perfect for any after hours party shindig you may be attending this holiday season.  And let's talk about these knee boots for a minute! For the first time in my life, I didn't have to slouch them down to zip them up! Big ups to Torrid for actually making boots for ladies with big legs.  

The wrap dress is one of those closet staples that every woman should own.  This one is made out of a soft sweater material which makes it perfect for the office Christmas party.  Ankle strap wedges  (which I love) make this outfit a hit.  Just add a sparkly necklace, earrings, and clutch and you're all set to make heads turn.

I HAD to try on this skirt after seeing one of my favorite You Tubers (Glitterandlazers) wear it in one of her videos.  It's actually the reason why I made the trek to Torrid in the first place.  And it has a sexy slit in the front with laces.

Please excuse the fact that I'm not wearing shape wear.  To me, not wearing shape wear should be one of the 7 deadly sins.  It makes you look more put together and smooths out all the lumps and bumps for a more streamline look.  I've always loved an off the shoulder top of any kind, so this sweater is no exception.  

I decided to top this outfit off with a cute little band jacket with a slight peplum.  I could've gone down a size in it, but you get the idea.  It also comes in olive as well.  

I thought this was the cutest little sweater dress, with emphasis on little.  I'd definitely add some tights or leggings to this for modesty's sake.  And the belt with the bow just adds that special touch.

I never would've picked this dress out for myself.  When Katie the manager handed it to me, I was heh.  Once I tried it on, it fit like a dream and really shows off my curves.  And...

it's got sexy splits in the front!!! Definitely adds something extra to the 90's flower child dress that's unexpected.  Kudos to you @torridfashion.

I know I've already bragged on these knee boots, but to add another reason to buy them, I was able to not only zip them up without slouching, but I was able to zip them WITH A TUCKED IN PANT LEG!!! This is unheard of for me (and probably a lot of other women with larger calves.) You can't go wrong with all black either.  Especially during the winter months.  Plus, it makes you look smaller.

For this next look, I decided to swap the black sweater with this red one.  Usually, I;m not a fan of the cold shoulder AT ALL!! But, this sweater has made me change my mind.  I really like it a lot and it's perfect for the holidays.  I've also stepped out of my comfort zone once again and I'm wearing jeggings.  The fit of these is nothing like jeggings I've tried on in the past.  These actually feel and fit like jeans.  Since I'm pear-shaped, I always have a problem with pants/jeans doing that weird thing in the crotch.  Not with these, though.  If you're also pear-shaped, I suggest trying on a pair of their jeggings for yourself.  You won't be disappointed!

So, I decided to save my most favorite piece for last.  You'll be able to tell it's my favorite because of the number of pictures I took in it.  **Warning** you're about to see a whole heap of pictures that you may find unnecessary, but I think it, was so deal with it.  LOL!!

I. LOVE. THIS. COAT. Do you hear me???!!! It has faux leather sleeves and epaulets on the shoulders.  It kinda reminded me of a fancy band jacket/ military uniform jacket.  And the placement of the pockets are awesome.  So, to show you guys how much I love this coat, here come the pics!!

All and all, Torrid has made great strides to be a contender in the plus-sized retail market.  To be able to do that, retailers have to provide consumers with pieces they want to wear and make them feel and look great.  Torrid has excelled above and beyond my expectations.  I'm truly impressed. 

So, if you're ever in the Hattiesburg area, don't hesitate to visit Torrid and be blown away for yourself.  Tell Katie and Lisa that I sent you.  You won't be disappointed.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Making the Jump

So, how have you been since I last posted? I hope you guys have been doing well.  Oh me, I've been going through a lot of changes since last year up till now.  Some good, some that could've been better.  But, I wouldn't change it at all.  It's all about living your life to the fullest and how you want to live it.  In my 40 years of being on this Earth, I've learned that you can't live your life for other people and expect to be happy with it.  It's OK to make life decisions based on how YOU feel.  No one can live your life for you but you.  So why not do it the way you want to.

With that being said, I've decided to finally "jump" and do something that I've wanted to do for a long time now.  This has been in my heart and spirit for a while now, but I've been deathly afraid to put myself out there and do it.  When I told my friends what I wanted to do, they really encouraged me and said that I could do it.  But, I was holding myself back and didn't go through with it.  It's been in the back of my mind for some time, waving at me and not letting me forget it's there. So, I think I'm ready to finally devote my entire self to what I want to do.

I've made the decision to start my own style consulting business.  I'm going to offer a few services to start, and build from there.  This is something that I've wanted to do for at least 4 or 5 years, but I was afraid to do it because I didn't know what the response or the outcome would be.  I know I can't worry about the response because the people who feel they need the help will respond.  But, I don't have any control over the outcome; that's my biggest problem.  Not being able to control the outcomes of my life is something I work on daily and I try to stress less over.  I'm making baby steps to get there (constantly a work in progress.)

If you have something you've always wanted to do, no matter how silly it may sound to yourself or others, please at least try it on a short term basis.  If it doesn't work out, that's fine.  At least you can say you did it.  But, if you never do it, you'll always be wondering "what if."  I don't want to be at the end of my life filled with what ifs because I was too afraid to take a chance on myself.

If you or someone you know is interested in my services, you can email me at  Or, feel free to give me a call at 601-298-4025.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Thrifting Virgin

Good Sunday to you!! A couple of months ago, I tried my hand at thrifting.  I always watch YouTube videos of people that find the cutest things.  But, I've never done it myself.  Mainly because I don't like digging for things.  I want things to be all laid out in front of me and all I have to do is just grab it and go.  But, a couple of months ago, I tried my hand at it for the first time.  I, along with my Ma and sister, went to a local thrift shop just to see what they had.  And I spotted this cute little green number on the mannequin in their front window.  It really caught my eye because it was my favorite shade of green. And I've wanted something that color for a long time now.  So, I made the joke that if it were $8, it was coming home with me.  So, once we got inside, I asked the salesperson at the counter how much the dress was.  And low and behold she told me it was $7.99!! I snatched it right off the mannequin and gave that dress a new home.  

Now, don't get me wrong, that was a definite freak of nature.  One, because I didn't have to "hunt" for it.  And two, it was in my price range.  So, long story short, I still feel the same way about thrifting. But, I can say I'm no longer a thrifting virgin.  Will I do it again? Maybe...but it will definitely have to be in the right place and the right price.  So, here's how I styled this little gem. Let me know what you think and where are some of the places you find some great thrift pieces.  Until next time!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Guess Who's Back!!

Hello Everyone!!

First, let me just apologize for not posting in such a LONG time.  A lot has happened since I last posted almost 3 years ago.  I've relocated, changed jobs, suffered some losses and gains.  But, all of this has made me a stronger person in the long run.  With all of that going on, I really didn't have much to post about.  At times, I really didn't want to go on with life, much less post about what I'm wearing.  I didn't want to put others through something if I couldn't put my all into it.  I would definitely be doing you all a disservice.  And myself as well.  So, please accept my humble, heart-felt apology.  

Second, since this is mid-2016, I am definitely going to do better with posting to my blog.  I want to take Dial S for Style to another level.  And if I want to be taken seriously, I have to put up or shut up.  So, take this post as a new beginning and you can look forward to more posts in the near future.

Third, I've got so much to share with you all!! Plans for what I want to do with this blog, to what I want to do career wise.  But, I want to get some more things set in stone first before I begin revealing anything.  With that being said, my lips are sealed for right now.  

Fourth, thank you all for your patience as I've gone through and continue to go through my transitions of life.  If you continue to ride this roller coaster with me, I will do my best to not let you down.  

So, let you all know I am still among the living (lol) here's a recent photo of myself.  Well, actually, this is one of my favorite pics and I just wanna show off. #dontjudgeme #youdoittoo


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, Long Time No See!!

Hello folks!! I know I have been missing in action since my last post.  But, a lot has happened since then.  The Naturals in the City Hair and Wellness Expo was a huge success, my son is now in first grade, I cut my hair, and I turned the big 35 back in August.

In my last post, I told you guys about the Naturals in the City Hair and Wellness Expo that took place on July 28th.  People were all abuzz about the event; so much so that people were there as early as 8 am to see what was going on.  There were fabulous women from many different cities and towns excited about what Memphis's natural hair community had to offer.  I really wanted to get photos of the event.  But, since I was working one of the ticket tables, I couldn't take any :(.  If you didn't make it to this year's event, don't fret my pet!! NITC is going to be a yearly event and will be back in effect on July 27-28, 2013.

As you may know, I'm reppin' for #teamnatural and have been over 5 years.  I'd been letting my hair grow out since I did my big chop back in November 2007.  I wanted to sport this fabulously large afro that would rival the sun whenever I stepped outside.  You know the kind (think Angela Davis.)  I was well on my way, until stress took over my life.  As a result, I ended up with a stress spot in the back of my head  that was about the size of a nickel.  At that time, I thought I would just let the spot grow out.  I'd even began to baby that area by twisting around the short spot, massaging the spot with an avocado oil blend daily, etc. I had toyed with the idea of cutting my hair off again, but like most people, I really didn't want to do it.  It wasn't until I went to one of my favorite blogs K is for Kinky and read a post entitled "When It's Time To Let Go" which was about cutting your hair because of damage.  I took that as my sign to go ahead and "just do it."  So, that Saturday at work, I told my boss that I wanted to cut my hair.  And she was happy to oblige me. I also got it colored a little more red because it wasn't bright enough for me.  Of course, I have pictures of the hair cut.  Did you think I would get you all hyped up and NOT post pics?!

The initial hair cut

Web site photo shoot

At a Christmas Banquet

Me and the little one

Getting ready for the Zo! show

**EDITED TO ADD** Since I began typing this post, I have had 2 hair cuts since then.  I have also decided to keep my hair short for a while.  I didn't realize how much easier short hair is for me.  At the most, it takes me 5 minutes to get my hair ready in the morning.  With a soon to be 7 year old, you know you need lots of time in the mornings.  Plus, with all the tings I have going on (and trying to have going on) who wants to spend a lot of time dealing with hair.  Now, don't get me wrong, when I had my big 'fro, I LOVED it.  But, once you take into account how much time you have to spend detangling, how much products you have to use, trying to keep your hair looking presentable to yourself and the world, it can take a toll on your life.  Not to mention your pocketbook.   So for me, short hair is the way to go.

Let me know what you think about the new hair cut.  Feel free to send me a comment.  Talk to you all soon :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!

Hello everyone!! I will just spare you the explanations about my hiatus and just get down to the nitty gritty.  On July 28th, there will be a hair and wellness expo taking place in Memphis, TN.  Naturals In The City Hair and Wellness Expo will encompass all things that lead to living a healthy lifestyle.  There will be workshops about maintaining natural hair, the process of going natural, and even a class devoted to tween and teen girls on self esteem and how it relates to natural hair.  We women know that positive self esteem starts at a very early age.  It only takes one incident, one person to make you feel less than you really are.  And that can haunt you for the rest of your life. 

There will also be presenters there to teach about getting and maintaining a healthy body as well.  Because you can't just walk around with fabulous hair and ignore what's below your scalp.  This event is all about the total package.  Isn't that what it's all about?!  With African Americans leading the statistics in heart disease and diabetes, we need all the help we can get.  So you will definitely get that here.

This event will be held at Esplanade Memphis, located at 901 Cordova Station (off of Germantown Parkway) in Cordova, TN.  Tickets are priced at $10 until the day of the show. You can to the event web site at and purchase your tickets.  Or,  if you're in Memphis or the surrounding area, stop by A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge and purchase your tickets there.  I hope to see you there 'cause I'll definitely be there!!  Oh, and don't forget to spread the word :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who's In My City?

Hello all!!! A lot has happened since the last time I posted on my blog.  I'm in the process of moving, I am now gainfully employed (yay!!!), and I am going to begin the proper steps to begin graduate school (pray for me, yall.)  But, between all of that, I have managed to do some window shopping.  There's ALWAYS time for window shopping :). 

Since I'm no longer in school (right now), I will have to rename my post from Who's On My Campus to Who's In My City.  I'd been toying with the idea of changing the name for some time now because whenever I would be out and about, I would always see  well dressed people.  And I would be dying to take their picture, but I didn't know what I would do with those pictures afterwards.  So, here's the first installment of Who's In My City?

The first person to grace the WIMC post was spotted last Sunday while my friends and I were in Target.  My friend Melonee spotted him because of his spiffy glasses and cute hat.  Once he came over and we all began talking, we learned more about his background.  And I must say he is much more than nice frames and a straw fedora. Edward Bogard is the founder of SoGiv, a non-profit organization that raises global awareness through apparel and footwear that uses their sale funds and donates it to worthy causes such as cancer, homelessness, HIV/AIDS awareness, cruelty against animals and many, many more.  Their slogan is "Every pair SOld, we GIVe...SoGIVe."  Now, is there anything more stylish than helping others? Of course, not.  Helping others NEVER goes out of style and it always fits.  Now, on to the pics!!!

Here is the stylishly handsome Edward himself donning a tee shirt with his organization's name on it.  His casually cool outfit is set off with stylish glasses and a straw fedora hat (very on trend right now.)

This is a picture of the bracelet he sells for SoGiv.  It complements his red sneakers and gives a finished look to his outfit.  

                                 These sneakers are also apart of his SoGiv clothing line. 

Please check out this You Tube video for more information on SoGiv and how you can help.  Or, visit their website at