Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Style Pet Peeves

We've all had that moment when we were out in public and saw someone wearing something that should've been left in the store that they saw it in.  But, for some reason, they decided to purchase it anyway.  I like to call them style pet peeves and I have compiled a list of them.  Do you think one of yours will make my list? Well keep reading and find out :)

Pet Peeve #10:  Guys wearing sagging pants.  I know this one should be on everyone's list of pet peeves.  Seeing a stranger's underwear out in public is not something I like to be exposed to.  Not to mention the fact that the majority of guys who do this are also wearing 1-2 pairs of shorts UNDERNEATH the too large pants are wasting clean clothes.  I really don't understand the point, nor do I want to.  Let's just please do away with sagging pants altogether.

Pet Peeve #9:  Older men who dress like guys half their age. I get so tired of seeing older men (40 and up) dressing like their younger sons, nephews, or in some cases, brothers (25 and under.)  Wearing the latest Timberland boots or Air Force Ones with your baseball cap turned to the back is a fashion statement that should only be worn by guys in their mid-late teens to their mid-twenties (and mid-twenties is pushing it.) If you're an older gentleman who enjoys dressing this way, please stop dressing like you just left the latest rapper's video shoot and dress more appropriately.  And by the way, STOP getting your hair cornrowed and go the barbershop and get a haircut.

Pet Peeve #8:  Women who like to wear every piece of jewelery they own at one time. There is nothing wrong with accessorizing your favorite outfit with a necklace, stacked bangle bracelets and a statement ring.  Just don't put on ALL of your jewelery at one time as if someone is going to take your stash away from you.  If you feel the need to put on many pieces at one time, put them all on.  Then, look in the mirror and take one or two pieces OFF.  If you're wearing some fabulously big earrings, don't put on a fabulously big statement necklace with it.  Instead, go for a statement ring or chunky bracelet.  A lot of times an outfit will dictate what type of jewelery is appropriate for that outfit. 

Pet Peeve #7:  Women who over coordinate.  You may be wondering what I mean by that.  For example, let's say a woman has found a splendid (did I just use splendid?) royal blue colored dress.  So, that same woman decides that she must also have a pair of royal blue earrings with the matching necklace, royal blue shoes, and THEN puts on royal blue eyeshadow.  NOOOOOOOOO!!! That is too much of one color and is basically overkill.  Nowadays, things don't have to match anymore.  They can just go together.  She could've gone with a wide array of colors that go with royal blue.  If you're not sure about what goes with what color, a Color Wheel can be a tremendous help. 

Pet Peeve #6:  Young women who wear leggins as pants.  I'm not hating on young women/women who wear leggins.  I could care less about who wears them.  But, If I can see your panty lines OR just your panties in general (meaning the color or print), your top is not long enough to cover up your butt.  You need to go home and start over.  

Pet Peeve #5:  Women who do not take care of their weave/wig.  If you think that having a weave or wearing a wig is maintenance free, YOU'RE WRONG!!! You should treat it just like your real hair.  Meaning, you should comb it, curl it, roll it.  Whatever needs to be done to it in order for it to not look like you just got out of bed.  If you're not going to take care of it, please leave it where it is. Now that I think about what I just said, maybe some of these women ARE taking care of them just like their real hair.  Who knows.

Pet Peeve #4:   Women and men who dress their children like miniature adults.  That doesn't mean you can't dress up your children in dress clothes for special occasions and such.  I mean parents who let their 5 year old son have his ears pierced.  Or those parents who let their 3 year old daughter wear a halter top.  Please think long and hard before making these types of decisions.

Pet Peeve #3:   People who wear pajamas in public.  Pajamas have their appropriate time and place to be worn.  Around the house or in bed at night.  If you don't feel like getting dresses, at least put forth the effort to put on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers.  Instant outfit.

Pet Peeve #2:  Men who wear short sleeved shirts and neckties.  If you are over the age of 10, DO NOT DO THIS!!!! Even if you're wearing a sportcoat over your dress shirt, do not do this.  I can't stand when I see a grown man dressed like this. But, you may be thinking, what about the summer time??? Yes, even in the summer time.  They do make lightweight long sleeved dress shirts that can be worn when it's hot. Just leave the short sleeves and ties to the little boys.

Pet Peeve #1:  Women who wear too little shoes on purpose.  I have heard stories from many people who work in retail selling shoes about women doing this.  I don't understand for the life of me why someone would want to have their feet hurting on purpose.  Even when high heels fit right, they can still hurt your feet after hours of wear.  If your toes or your heels are hanging off of shoes your trying on, PLEASE go up to the next size.  And if you're wearing the largest size they have, just pick another shoe.  Or, see if they have it online.  A lot of times, shoe companies/retailers will carry larger shoes on the internet than in their stores.  So save yourself a lot of unnecessary pain and buy the proper size shoes.

Did your pet peeve make the list? If not, leave yours in the comment box below.  I can't wait to read your responses :) 


  1. Pajamas in public is at the top of my peeves. Those flannel pants with mickey, holiday images, or whatever. I swear every time I go out I see at least two people wearing flannel pajama pants (worse on boxing day though). It takes less than two minutes to put on a pair of public pants so I really don't understand this.


  2. I totally understand. I mean, it takes just as much effort to put on jeans and a shirt as it does to put on some pajama pants, sweatshirt and Uggs. It's not that difficult. Thanks for you comment and your follow :)